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how we got started

many of my childhood summers (from the time i was maybe 4 or 5 years old) were spent sitting by a sun-drenched window with my mother sewing all day long until night falls. i know this doesn't sound terribly exciting but i really enjoyed it. my father was always willing to let me hone my “craft” mending his work shirts & eventually i started making dresses for my dolls, myself, & a few brave friends.

for as long as i can remember, i have perused through fashion magazines, in awe of great designs – particularly bright & bold pieces that really spoke to me without having to say a word. i can't say for certain how i did it (or how it was even legal, for that matter) but at 12 years old, without my parent’s knowledge or consent, i subscribed to my first magazine & have been a fashion enthusiast since. anyone remember sassy magazine?​

so how did this lead into furry&fancy? well, about three years ago, leo (his bio below) came into my life & I have been dressing him up ever since. what i didn’t know but quickly learned is that fashion & accessories for cats were very limited. needless to say, i spent many hours shamelessly trolling through all the puppy aisles at my local pet stores for bow ties & sweaters for leo. something else i learned on one of my excursions is that bret michaels, of poison fame, has a cat line - it's true, google it! finally after exhausting my options, i decided that i would do what i have been doing my entire life, sew. from that came the idea & creation of furry&fancy & the rest is history, as they say.

the idea that awe & joy derives from the smallest detail really inspires me. i hope our collection inspires you to find & create your furry baby's own style.

thank you so much for the love & support.



owner + meowmager 

about furryboy.leo

leonardo james diphilliber (aptly known as furryboy.leo) is a 3 year old tabby rescue who resides with his humans in the beautiful san francisco bay area & the inspiration behind furry&fancy. leo is an affectionate, mild-mannered furry boy who does not 'meow' but will enthusiastically 'sit' & 'ask' for a treat & 'rollover' for belly rubs - which makes him a genius, practically. he is an aspiring spokesmeowdel who spends most his days lounging, catching sunshine & taking long naps. like most kids nowadays, he loves technology (specifically sitting on laptops and iPads) & catching up with his furriends on social media. leo also enjoys playing with his organic catnip toys & have never turned down lap time & snuggles.

you can find leo on instagram, facebook, tumblr & twitter @furryboy.leo.